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Star Dropdown Menu
Now a days in market many Drop down menus available but all have some limitations or conflictions but we just come with a perfect Star Drop Down Menu its Menu based only with css technique and also in 3 style availibility 1) Horizontal 2) Left vertical and 3) Right vertical style , also you able to set any color and more dynamic options that make your menu more attractive and easily set with your site design with in 10 minutes settings , Hope you like it please see below more features list...
$10.00 each
  • Dynamic Option over Color Control and Size.
  • Its Supporting with Joomla Menu sustem so any joomla Menu set with it and star Drop Down Menu ready.
  • 3 Types view control Horizontal / Left Vertical and Right Vertical.
  • Dynamic Option over Multilevel Submenu.
  • Set with your Site design with in 10 minutes.
  • Work with only css technique no javascript included anywhere.
  • All browser supported.
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