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We have 3 Different types Modules available for Image Spin Effects just we thought if we give 3 effects in one thing and also in Plugin than really its nice combination and right usage for many purpose , its gives unique Effect to your Image with details Description and with Link , Check cool feature listed below........
$8.00 each
  • First fo all 3 Effect its contain Flip / Door and Swipe 3 Effect for Image.
  • Flip where you able to flip with click image.
  • Door have 4 style and there you able to open Effect as a door style with Left ro right / right to left ...
  • Swipe have 7 Different swipe style you able to use with it.
  • In all Effect have Front part Display Image and back part where title / description and Link.
  • you able to Link any internal page or External page from it , just need to put link to code.
  • You able to use Plugin Code multiple times with same its working without conflict.
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