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Anything Popup
New idea releasing between you about Popup Extension name is Anything Responsive Popup you able to popup your any HTML code on your joomla website via this Extensions. Its have Dfferent effect and style for Popup.You able to use this Popup as a multi purpose way like Youtube Video / Facebook Likebox code / Banner / Advertisements blah...blah... See below general featured listed for it below....
$11.55 each
  • Dynamic control over size and style for this Extension.
  • In block display your HTML Content like images / text / banner anything.
  • 6 Different stlye Effect for Popup and one Special Drop effects that's very eyecatchy.
  • Dynamically Control over size / color and every style settings.
  • Cookie function and Timing for remember cookie also available so once you close popup its not display again for you.
  • Dynamically Control over opacity and Lock function.
  • And much more.....
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