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Anything Sandy Grid
We comes with new idea with grid in it you able to display your things nice way to grid style with consume space and when you hover on it give you details view with link function , its not for portfolio limited you able to use for your product showcase , Customer list , Logos , Sponsors etc many places see more features written below....
$11.35 each
  • Nice Way to present your way with grid structure.
  • Dynamic control over blocks / size and style for each and everything.
  • Nice details view on click on single grid.
  • Customize your way and use it for different purpose like portfolio / logo / sponsors / customer / promostion offers.
  • Link Enable-disable function plus link to internal or external pages.
  • Ability to increase-decrease your blocks for grid.
  • Dynamic control over Color for Each block in grid from admin screen also its gives you marvelious lookup.
  • Cross browser supported plus supported with Touch mobile and tablets too.
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