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Multipurpose Scroller
We Comes with Responsive Multi purpose Scroller its work like its name you able to use as as any scroller purpose , its have much option and settings so you able to enable - disable any portion and able to use multi purpose way , check below listed features list......
$12.00 each
  • Responsive and Multi purpose Scroller able to use for your different purpose like Profile info / movie poster / tour photo as demo etc..
  • Dynamic Enable-Disable any portion for Scroller from admin area.
  • Navigation arrow and Pagignation dots display and able to make off from admin area.
  • Able to Set data manually via Module or load from Component option available.
  • Main feature Lightbox Enable-disable on Picture area so you able to see image in lightbox with previous-next option too.
  • HTML Block option so you able to Set Social buttons or any HTML code on this area.
  • Control over each and every function over style / size and content.
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