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Fancy Sticky Notes
We just come with Fancy Sticky note for you , now you able to display your important message / Special event / annaouncements like that anything with Fancy Sticky note with 100+ Different style Combinations and people get it with Nice style , See some basic features listed below...
$10.55 each
  • Dynamically Content fetch from Joomla article system or manually both option available.
  • 10+ Different Background textures images + overlay your Background color and make wonderful notes.
  • 10+ Google handmade Fonts and 10+ Different pins for stick notes.
  • Nice way present Note title and decriptions on your site.
  • Also ability to Enable / Disable Link portion for redirect on some page or links.
  • Link open in Same or new tabs on your browser.
  • Different Corner shadows.
  • Dynamically set all things From administrator section with in 10 minutes your note be ready.
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