MINI EVENT CALENDAR - Module Component Joomla 3.x $10.00 each
just we have made Mini event calendar Module for you , small and simple its handle your event and present with nice layout on your site also display different color dot on event available date and when anyone click on it its give you brief details about Specific event , hope you will like small idea to manage event and enjoy with it , See some basic features listed below.
CALENDAR TIMELINE - Module Joomla 3.x $10.00 each
Calendar timeline is a timeline where you able to assign any event on any date and present with viewers with Different style and unique way , also in its you able to assign Year / month / days on single place and viewers able to see any event and fast overview of all events with short and details view , see some basic features listed below.
BIRTHDAY REMINDER - Module Component Joomla 3.x $10.99 each
Now a days we have busy scheduled and work so we forgot to some birthday and also sometimes some Social or specific websites want to display and remind birthday alert on own site before some days so we will make some similar function on this module how its help you we will guide you below.
SENSE TIMELINE - Module Component Joomla 3.x $10.75 each
Touch Timeline is a really simple script that will take clean and semantic HTML code and turn it into an elegant and beautiful timeline/content slider. And because the script the script is very optimized for touchscreen devices, your visitors will get even better experience when viewing your site in an iPad for example. Additionally, the interface was designed with compatibility in mind. It has been designed to be very neutral to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the rest of the site’s design, visually. And you can always open the CSS and customize the looks.
SEXY COUNTDOWN TIMER - Module Joomla 3.x $10.10 each
We come with new idea about Count down Module , its use when you want to countdown for your any purpose module created with much and more dynamic options and style so you able to use it as all possible way on your site , we also tried our best to care about style and size options for this module that you able to check on our demo displayed above place hope you like it , Anytime share your suggestions to make it more best and userfriendly.
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