POWER ROTATOR - Module Joomla 3.x $12.50 each
Showing off the best content of your website or blog in a nice intuitive way will surely catch more eyeballs. Using an auto-playing content slider is the one of techniques to show your featured content. It saves you space and makes for a better user experience, and if you add a pinch of eye candy to it, then there’s no looking back.
PRESENTATION CYCLE - Module Joomla 3.x $12.00 each
Presentation Cycle is a script that supports image presentations to easily display multiple images. This script supports a lot of effects and the cycling of html elements.Presentation Cycle is a variation on the functionality of Cycle. Instead of generating a list of numbers that are clickable Presentation Cycle generates a progress bar that shows when the new slide will appear.
SEXY EYE SLIDESHOW - Module Joomla 3.x $11.99 each
We have Come with new Advanced Slideshow with 3 unique style that you see first time with us , It allows you to easily create powerful sliders with animated text , making the slider very easy to setup and maintain.
YUMMY ACCORDION SLIDER - Module Joomla 3.x $10.99 each
A combination of an image slider and an accordion, the Yummy Accordion Slider displays beautiful images along with a variable length description. With images linked to each tab, and accompanied by a large array of effects, the Yummy Accorion Slider is a great alternative to the traditional jQuery slider.
RESPONSIVE SENSE SLIDER - Module Joomla 3.x $11.58 each
We created Fancy Sense Content slider for joomla , inside it your slide move with content and Title auto play mode its working flowlessly and eyecatchy way , you able to use as your home page or inner page slider as a content slider , see below listed feature list for it.
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