SMART PORTFOLIO - Module Component Joomla 3.x $12.75 each
The jQuery Smart Portfolio provide a simple solution to trigger a front/back card style navigation. You can provide the content and use the plugin to generate it easily. It use the CSS3 transition, works fine in the iOS too.
ANYTHING SANDY GRID - Module Component Joomla 3.x $11.35 each
We comes with new idea with grid in it you able to display your things nice way to grid style with consume space and when you hover on it give you details view with link function , its not for portfolio limited you able to use for your product showcase , Customer list , Logos , Sponsors etc many places see more features written below.
SUPER PORTFOLIO GRID - Module Joomla 3.x $10.00 each
We come with other Portfolio style for you Super Portfolio Grid , its display Grid view thumbnail and when hover on it its Enlarge full view with your caption and link , its interesting way to display your portfolio , also you able to use our this Extension different way , below listed some basic features about it take a view.
STAR PORTFOLIO - Component Joomla 3.x $13.25 each
We are comes new way with Portfolio Star Portfolio , with Help of Star portfolio you able to create your Perfect Portfolio with Nice Filter way on Single page.Visitor Easily Move over with your whole portfolio without move to second page also its have many much attractive features included in it , below some basic features listed.
PIXEL PORTFOLIO - Module Component Joomla 3.x $12.80 each
We comes with one another Portfolio concept is default Grid view and zoom view with navigation items.See general features listed below.
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