VERSION : 10.0              DATE UPDATED : 12 NOVEMBER 2021
COMPATIBILITY : Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x
INCLUDES : Module Plugin
Features For WOW 3DEFFECT:-

Wow 3D Effect Box is 3D boxes with Two part Front and hidden part , Front side its display image and backside related information and able to link to any specific internal or extrnal webpages. Its Unique idea for your different purpose like Sponsor display / Logo Display / Photo display / Product display. More features listed below.

  • Dynamically Control Over number of boxes / box image and Box informations.
  • Rotate your Favorite box with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.
  • Back part Link option also available so you able to Link internal or External URL.
  • Dynamically Control over size / color and every style settings.
  • Dynamically Able to Enable - Disable any part from box.
  • Complete working with Mobile / tablet and any device.