COOKIE ALERT - Module Joomla 3.x $12.90 each
In Europe there is a new law coming into effect that governs how cookies can be used on websites. Essential cookies, such as ones used in shopping carts, are fine however if you use any form of non-essential cookie on your website you must first gain permission before activating those non-essential cookies.
MULTI PURPOSE POPUP - Module Joomla 3.x $10.40 each
We just come with new idea Multipurpose Fly Popup in int you able to set your any static HTML code and its display as a popup on your website selected any pages , its use to display your banner / youtube video anytype HTML script or images display as a popup see some basic functions as below.
SEXY TESTIMONIALS - Module Joomla 3.x $9.99 each
We comes with New Idea for Testimonial Module with use of jquery Cycle Plugin , We have added some interesting Color idea and Effects in it and made it more attractive , see below listed features.
SMART CONTACTBOX - Module Joomla 3.x $9.99 each
After check Facebook Like Box Slider We have one innovative idea in our mind if we make something same Contact Box Slider they Display site all contact links / Contact Emails / Phone number and Social network places all things on one place then how easy to find any detail on just one Slide box and this box able to place on each and every page so we have created it on code as a joomla Extensions and present here check it definatly its useful for each and every site.
PUZZLE MANIA - Module Joomla 3.x $10.99 each
Puzzle Mania lets you easily create sliding puzzles for your web page. Select an image, put it in your page, and add some magic – Puzzle Mania will automagically turn it into a full-blown sliding puzzle! If you want, Since Puzzle Mania is all JavaScript, your users won't need any additional plugins or software. A powerful and straightforward JavaScript library. jQuery rocks!
SMART TESTIMONIAL - Module Component Joomla 3.x $11.50 each
Smart Testimonial is a testimonial Concept there able to display testimonial via module and also third party customers or client able to enter testimonial from Front side and admin able to check and approve from admin area , also ability to enter testimonial from admin area also. so its a nice package for testimonial section in your site area , you will check features and demo so i m preety sure you will like our idea. check below general features over Smart Testimonial.
Smart Way Before After - Module Joomla 3.x $12.00 each
We comes with New Concept Smart Way Before after presentation for your Visual effect or any images. Smart Way Before-After allows you to place two images on top of each other and use a draggable slider to hide and reveal each image.See below some general feature list for it.
WOW 3DEFFECT - Module Plugin Joomla 3.x $12.00 each
Wow 3D Effect Box is 3D boxes with Two part Front and hidden part , Front side its display image and backside related information and able to link to any specific internal or extrnal webpages. Its Unique idea for your different purpose like Sponsor display / Logo Display / Photo display / Product display. More features listed below.
ANYTHING RESPONSIVE POPUP - Module Joomla 3.x $11.55 each
New idea releasing between you about Popup Extension name is Anything Responsive Popup you able to popup your any HTML code on your joomla website via this Extensions. Its have Dfferent effect and style for Popup.You able to use this Popup as a multi purpose way like Youtube Video / Facebook Likebox code / Banner / Advertisements blah...blah... See below general featured listed for it below.
FANCY CIRCLES - Module Joomla 3.x $13.00 each
We are Releasing our new Invention Fancy Circles with Honver Effect on Circles. We have created Circles with Thumbnail Picture than Given Nice Css Effect to Circle so they have been appearing more often as design elements in websites. I m pretty sure you check above demo so you Like this Concept.
Max Stylist Grid - Module Joomla 3.x $12.00 each
Max Stylist Grid is a new concept with SVG + css3 + Jquery technique in it we have try to display our Stylist Grid with 3 Different style. Its unique magic way to display your photo / portfolio with title-description and link.
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