VERSION : 10.0              DATE UPDATED : 12 NOVEMBER 2021
COMPATIBILITY : Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x
Features For GOLD ICON MENU:-

Gold Icon Menu is one different type presentation view and block for your site to attract customer eye on this and you able to publish or promote some things or some links via this module , its give eyecatchy effect with 7 Different view and each and every thing dynamic handle you own and make your your present view with own mind , see some general features listed below.

  • First in Eye catchy Menu you able to set 3 to 7 Block as per your need and space allocation..
  • Control Single Block Each and everything dynamically from admin portion.
  • Set Icon / Title and Small text over block and display it your way.
  • 7+ Different style for hovering when you hover than 7 different way to hover it and move Objects.
  • Dynamically Control Width | Height | Color | Font Family | Icons and each and everything from settings panel.
  • Link to each block with your own site link or External link as per your need.
  • Link Open with Same window or new window so its easy for link surfing.
  • See below admin screen preview for our optiosn details.