VERSION : 10.0              DATE UPDATED : 12 NOVEMBER 2021
COMPATIBILITY : Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x
Features For SEXY IMAGE MENU:-

After Success For Image menu we just make new Sexy Image Menu with Extra Ordinary effects. The idea is to have some vertical accordion tabs that slide out when hovering. We will add some CSS3 properties to enhance the looks.

  • Sexy and attractive Effect with Different images.
  • Able to Set Title / Description and Link for Every Slide.
  • Dynamically Set upto 8 Slides and Control it also.
  • Amzing lookup and Hover effect with Slide Image with Fading for title and description.
  • Able to set upto 8 Slide Image. Seperate link with open link in Parent or Blank window.
  • Nice fading Effect with able to change Fading image and height for Fading.