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VERSION : 10.0              DATE UPDATED : 12 NOVEMBER 2021
COMPATIBILITY : Joomla 3.x Joomla 4.x
INCLUDES : Module Component

We comes with one another Portfolio concept is default Grid view and zoom view with navigation items.See general features listed below.

  • This Joomla Pixel Portfolio Component works on all devices like Desktop PC's, Tablets like the iPad and Smart phones like iPhone or Android. The size and design fits always to your Website and the Viewport.
  • In our Pixel Portfolio Admin Panel inside the Joomla Backend we have added a lot of new Options for dynamic control over the Portfolio.
  • Here Link option also available so you able to Link your internal or External pages for Portfolio item.
  • Pixel Portfolio have default the grid thumbnail view and on another part 3D transforms for navigating the items.
  • In the gallery view, the arrow keys can be used to navigate and the view can be closed using the “Esc” key.
  • Its Main Feature on admin side you able to store your project or other objects on category as your way and in front side display all category option as Filter when you click on category by choice than its automatically filter that category Project or objects on page without page refresh.
  • Its you need when any Visitor click for your Portfolio something than we will track that visitor so you able to know which Projects or which things clicked how much times from visitors so it’s important feature for Pixel Portfolio.
  • You able to use with Multi Purpose like your Portfolio, Team management, Photography, Timeline.